Camera Lock app protects your privacy by detecting and preventing unauthorized webcam access. Hackers, spies and companies share a great interest in your privacy, and some have found ways to turn on your camera using malware, viruses, camfecting and click-jacking. With Camera Lock you can deny all apps access to your camera. If a camera was already in use, its video will freeze immediately.

No more need to cover up your camera!
• Tape to cover your webcam might cause damage to your lens
• Covering the camera might also interfere with the light sensor and prevents your screen brightness from working properly
• A physical webcam lock might prevent your laptop from closing and could damage your screen

Forgot to lock your camera? Don’t worry
• This app detects (unwanted) usage and alerts you.
• Camera Lock enables you to lock your camera and refuse access by any app

• Camera Lock completely disables camera access by any app
• When unlocked, instant automatic alerts when a camera is accessed
• Fast keyboard shortcuts to lock/unlock
• Log with most recent camera activity
• System status bar icon shows camera activity
• Adjustable alert sound
• Automatic launch at logon
• Autolock with screensaver/screenlock
• Synchronizes with Microphone Lock (separately available in the Mac App Store)
• Compatible with both internal and external webcams

Why choose Camera Lock?
• Dedicated piece of camera security software for MacOS approved by Apple
• Works for internal and external webcams
• No subscription fees

Protect your privacy, detect intruders and lock your camera.